H1 Amendment before October 1st


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I got my H1 approved for 3 years and my change of status approved from F1 to H1 for Fiscal Year 2015. My H1 starts from October 1st and my STEM-OPT is valid till November 3rd 2015.

I work as a contractor for one of the consulting firms. Recently, my contract with Old end client is completed and i have joined new client after my approval of H1 application and both new and old clients are located in Same Metropolitan area with 5 miles difference between both companies. My employer filed a new LCA as i changed the client recently. I want to go for H1 stamping on September last week with approved H1 (which approved with old end client). Is that fine? or do i need to file for H1 amendment? can i file for H1 amendment before October 1st or do i need to wait till my H1 period starts?


Please let me know which path do i need to take.

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