Any idea about the processing times


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Hello all, 


Our priority date is Nov 2008, which just became current in August. We had received a RFE regarding repeat medical and confirmation of the employment last month, which we replied immediately and it reached USCIS on July 16th. Any idea how long does it take after the priority date becomes current to get the green card. We are at Texas Service center.

Thanks ( I know I am being impatient, but there are some big career decisions at steak).


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sorry instead of answering your question, am posting my information. But, this will at least help you access.

mine PD July 2007, got EAD almost 1 year back, got 485 RFE during Nov 2013 for Employement letter.

Still waiting, no change in status. Raised service request and they replied that still under processing. No big info on why this wait, what else they are waiting etc..

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