Visa interview on October 6th at Jamaica


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See if you can reschedule a week before. There is always possibility to get early date. I have interview on Sept 29. Let me know if you are interested, you can find my e-mail under my profile. Thanks

Hi brjaiswal,


I already booked my flight ticket..and also my h1 starts from October 1st,,that's the reason I booked date on October 6th.

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Is it a good decision to go for stamping as soon as our H1 starts? I mean do we need to have at least one pay check run in that period? Thoughts? I'm in a dilemma whether to opt for October or November. H1 starts on oct 1 and valid thru 2017. Working for the same client for past 2 years and can get a client letter

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Is any travelling to Jamaica in between October 5 - October 11th, I have a interview scheduled on October 6th. This is my first h1b

My interview date is on Oct 6th as well and I intend to stay from 5th to 10th. Contact me (email in my profile) to discuss further.

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