H1B Visa Transfer from employer A(in india) to employer B(USA)

Kumar K

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I have been working in A employer in India. I have got H1B visa stamping through A employer. I never traveled to US by H1B from India. A employer is not sending me to US now. I have approached B employer in USA. They are ready to transfer the H1B visa from A to B employer. B employer is saying, we will take all responsbilities and to get all documents for visa transfer. They will provide, while traveling to US, client inivitation letter, New I-797, I -94, LCA and other docs.

 But, they are saying Visa stamping again may not be required .In the visa stamping A employer name is there in VISA Page. The Visa will be expiry in feb Sept 2016.

Please advise on the following things :


1) Is it possible to transfer H1b visa to company B(US Employer) while living in India?


2) what are all documents required for H1B visa transfer and if need to travel US?

3). Will I require to stamp at US embassy in India again after moving to employer B ? Can I travel the same visa of Employer A?


4)If new visa is not required , can I go to USA with my old visa ? what should I say if immigration ask about my old company name printed on it ?


5). Will USCIS notify to current employer A while in process of H1B transfer or once USCIS approve the H1B transfer ?


if possible, Please mail me also on Pkumar.kv9@gmail.com,




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1. Yes.

2. You need to provide employer B with your previous I797. You can travel with your current valid H1B visa and employer B's I797.

3. No need for new stamping.

4. If asked you can say that you no longer work with old employer. But, as I said before you will need employer B's petition to be approved and need I797 to travel to US.

5. No.


Your employer B looks like they know everything about H1B. Follow them.

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Thank you very much Jairichi for your valuable inputs.


Could you please suggest me on following things?


1) How much is the H1B Transfer Visa fee for both if normal and Premium?

2) is it require to resign from current company A in india before staring the process of H1B transfer ?


3) Is there any thing needs to make sure before and after process of H1B Transfer.




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