JAMAICA-stamping successful


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appt 4th august 2014


in line by 830 in the morning. was thrown out of line because DS-160 has my photo with spectacles......so upload a white background, no glasses photo.....


security check done!

figure printing done!


6 hours of queue....400+(including locals) people attended this day and I was the 299th...(token number)

after the long hours of queue....met the VO


who is your employer??

I told her ''I am a programmer analyst with XYZ company and I work at a client company as a blah blah blah''


come and take your passport tomorrow, if not on Thursday......(wed 6th august is a holiday)


walked away with smiles..



around 15 -20 people attended an everyone got thru...try to book your apt at 7 in the morning or 730.....9 and 930 there is no difference and be prepared to get fried for 6 hours.




let me know if you need any details....I can write more but didn't have time


my 2 cents----stay in knuts ford hotel.....

reid is your man for cab drop and pick up....


don't stay in indies hotel....its good but for the same price or 20 $ more you will get knuts ford.


No need to exchange USD for Jamaican dollars....everyone takes USD...

Jamaica is fun....try jerk chicken if you are a non vegetarian....











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