Potential options after losing a job


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I am employed by company X and my company told me that my last day would be in 2 weeks. I am on an H1B visa and i want to know my options at this point. I know if i find an employer before the deadline and if they apply for a H1B transfer i am safe,but what if i can't find a job within 2 weeks? How many days would i have to find a new employer?. Also if i start interviewing and say 2 companies are interested in me. Can i initiate an H1B transfer with both the companies, or as many companies as i want? Will that create a problem? I was reading online that converting to a B1 visa and then finding an employer again to get back to H1B status,also as an option. But is that safe? What are the approval chances of it? 




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If you are not sure you can find an employer in 2 weeks then file a COS to B2. This will allow you to stay legally in US and look for a job. Later, when you find an employer then get a cap exempt H1B petition filed. On approval just exit and enter US with a valid H1B visa and new I797. This will automatically cancel your COS to B2.

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