Proposed changes in E3 visa


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Hi ,


I’m indian born Australian citizen working in USA on E3 visa. I have been working in USA for last 7 years on E3 which is not a dual intent visa which will not allow me to apply for GC  and lately I came across about making some changes to the E3 along with H4.


Below are some of the changes I noticed 


  • H-1B1 and principal E-3 nonimmigrants are allowed to work without having to separately apply to DHS for employment authorization.
  • Pending extension application for H-1B1 or principal E-3 nonimmigrant, employment will be automatically extended for 240 days beyond the initial admission period (just like H-1B nonimmigrants).
  • The same will apply to CW-1 nonimmigrants.
  • The filing procedure for H-1B1 and E-3 petition or extension petition will be same with other employment-based nonimmigrant visas. Currently, there are special procedures in place for H-1B1 and E-3 as opposed to, for instance, H-1B. This change will probably add the benefits of dual intent which has been available for H-1B and L-1 nonimmigrants.

does anybody have any idea of bullet point 1 and 4. what i understood from last point is that they are making E3 as dual intent like H1B where E3 holders can also apply for GC, did i understood correctly. any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. 



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