H1B transfer and getting fired from current company - URGENT PLS

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I work for employer A. I got offer from Employer B. Employer B told me that they will file H1B petition only a week, before the date of joining (say Aug 29, 2014). So employer B will file H1B petition only on Aug 22, 2014. My current employer A needs 10 days of notice period and then only they will give 'experience letter'. So I should tell employer A on August 15, 2014 itself to get 'experience letter' and relieved by Aug 29, 2014.


But if I tell employer A, 10 days before I resign, there is a huge risk that they will fire me immediately, If they fire immediately, there will be a week gap, in my H1B status.


Is it possible or legal to stay in that 1 week?


When an employer fires, how long does it take them to revoke the visa?

How long do I have, to transfer the revoked visa to a new employer?


This is very urgent and I greatly appreciate your help on this.

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