J1 while H1 still valid


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Hi all,


I have an interesting situation here. I am going on a study leave to India for 1 year in Aug 2014 and my H1 is valid till Feb 2015. The course that I am joining has an international immersion to USA and they file for a J1 visa for that purpose which will happen around Dec 2014. There are 2 questions that I need the forum's help with - 


1.) Am i allowed to have both H1 & J1 at the same time?

2.) If I intend to come back to USA on a H1 / L1 visa will getting a J1 cause any problems in future?



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Thanks @jairichi. How can we find out whether the J1 is subject to 2 years of HRR? Also what are the steps to get a waiver?

Ask for an advisory opinion from DOS.



If you are subject then apply for waiver. Check Indian consulate and DOS website for details to obtain J1 waiver


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