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Hi All,

This forum has been very helpful. Thanks for that. I have a strange problem. I am looking for an expert advice.


My Priority date - Nov 4th, 2003

Category - EB3


I got my EAD in August 2007.


I left my employer in April 2008 and since then using my EAD I am working as an independent contractor on 1099. I never applied for AC21. In August 2014 my PD got current. I got an RFE on 1st Aug to provide the employment verification and history. Currently I do not have an employer,  I work as an independent contractor with the same job profile and skill set.


What should be my answer in this case?

1. Can I get a letter from my old employer, stating he still has a job opening for me? 

2. Can I take up a fulltime job at this point and apply for AC21 and answer the RFE with the new employment information?

3. How bad a situation I am in?

4. Is there a way out of this?

5. Did any one was in similar situation and what they have done? and what was the outcome?


I am planning consult an immigration attorney, but, I want to get a better picture of the situation, so that I can ask relevant questions.


Thanks in anticipation. I really appreciate your help.

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You need advice of a good attorney. I think the best thing to do is not to lie or try to get a employee job quickly, but claim to be self employed in your profession, which is an option under AC21. A good attorney can help you build a solid case.

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Thank you Belle! I appreciate your advice. I am going to get a good attorney. Mostly this is a regular RFE, and I am not expecting any bumps.


You are posting on the forum of a good immigration law firm. Call them to get an opinion from them.

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