Extremely Urgent: NOIR on Old H1B Petition


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Hello All, 


I need some help on the NOIR i received on my old H1B Petition. 


I originally filed my H1B Petition on May 2012 and USCIS approved it till September 2014.


My employer filed amendment with extension on April 2014 which also got approved till April 2017.


On July 9th 2014, USCIS sent NOIR on my previous Petition (Which was filed in May 2012)


I have some questions regarding my case,


1. If USCIS revoke my previous petition, will it affect my current amended petition?  

2. My employer will be filing my I140 soon, Can i go back to my home country with approved I140 and get my passport Stamp? 


Please advise at the earliest if possible. 

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