First time H1B going to Merida, Mexico, in September. Any advice?


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It appears this is a great forum where people share their H1B Visa experiences at different US Consulates. I just received my H1B approval notice (1st time H1B) and due to the lack of available appointments in Canada will be traveling to Merida for my interview.


I was J-1 back in 2005 (18 months), F-1 from 2006- 2013 and on my OPT now.

FT status, working for the US employer, same employer since March 2013.


I am traveling there on September 22nd for my ASC appointment and 23rd for my Consulate appointment. This confuses me as I didn't know that I needed ASC appointment until entering information in the visa scheduling system. Has anyone traveled there recently and knows the process?  


As you can imagine, I would appreciate any feedback on this.



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