First time H1B stamping in Jamaica


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Hi Friends,


I came to US in Aug 2012 on H4 visa and applied for H1B this year April 2014.

My application got approved in July 2014.


But on April 06 2014 we went on a 7 day cruise and due to that the COS application was denied. They sent an additonal letter mentioning about the date we left the country and also mentioned that i will have to get H1b stamping done or else i cannot work from October 2014.


I didnt know any of this before going on the cruise.


My question is whether i can go to Jamaica for stamping as its my 1st H1B stamping and also i do not have any pay stubs to present to the V.O.

My employer said he can provide all the other documents required for stamping.


Mexico and Bahamas do not allow first time petition based applications(mentioned in respective US embassy websites). Canada seems to be risky. 


Please advise on whether or not i can go to Jamaica for stamping.




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