Changing jobs while I-140 is approved

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This question might have been asked before and if so sorry for the repetition.


I have my GC (EB-2) in process with I-140 approved and a priority date of January 2012 with my current employer. I also have my H1-B valid through 2016 with the current employer.

1) If I were to change jobs would it make my current application invalid? 

2) Is it mandatory to change jobs to another employer for the same job title/job description etc.?

3) If it is possible to change jobs, how can I keep my priority date valid and would I need to go through a new labor certification at the new place (of course the new employer willing to take up the GC process from there on)?

4) What should I keep in  mind while changing jobs under such a scenario while I wait for the priority date to advance or become current?


Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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1. No and yes. If you are planning to work for the old employer after the getting the green card, and the old employer is willing to hire you for the original position, you can use it. In other words, changing the job by itself does not invalidate the petition.

2. No.

3. Yes, you can use the old priority date in future EB petitions.

4. Keep proof of the original priority date.

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