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Hi Folks,


                I got I-140 approved from Employer A, then moved to Employer B ( on the basis of approved I-140) and got 3 yrs extension until  April 2015.


My question is to file for an H1B extension beyond April 2015, does Employer B need to file my GC ( or atleast start the process ) ?  Or can Employer B still get the H1B extended based on my old I-140 from employer A ?



Response is greatly appreciated...




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Do you mean to say that employer B can request a second H1B extension for 3 years based on approved I140 from Employer A  ?  ( Employer B has not started the process of GC yet )

Yes that is correct. It does not matter whether employer B has initiated GC process or not as longer as employer A's I140 is still valid.

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