Approved I-140 from other Co. and Extention with existing company


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1 ) I am working with company "X" and My H1B was expired in July 1st week with remaining only 1 day in H1B validity

2) I filed my Labur with other company "Y" in April 1st week 2013.

3) I left USA and came to other country on other project with my existing company "X" in July 2013

4) My labur certification got approved in Nov 2013

5) My I-140 got approved in April 1st week of 2014

I am planning to come back to USA and wanted to get answerd for below query :-

1) can I get copy of approved I-140 from USCIS

2 ) Is there any rule that after 6 month of 1-140 approval, existing company "X" can file H1B extension on behalf of other company "Y" without having I-140 approval in hand ?

3) Is there any validity of I-140?

4) Do i need to restart GC processing again with existing company "X" in case L1B is filed to re-enter?


5) I have PERM case number and is there any possibilities to get copy of I-140 on that number

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