Green card from L2-EAD or H1-B

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Hello Experts,


I am currently on L2-EAD, working for an employer directly since March 2013. My EAD is valid until Dec 2014 and can be extended further. I had an approved H1B earlier and was working for 1 year (Jan 2010 to Jan 2011) for a different employer and had to go back to my home country for sometime. I still have 5 years left on my H1B quota. My spouse is planning to apply for H1B in April 2015.


I am in the process of filing my GC with my current employer. I consulted with my immigration team and they mentioned they can do a COS to H1-B anytime since I still have 5 years remaining on my H1 quota.


My question now is:

should I change my status to H1-B now and then initiate the GC process


initiate the GC now with my L2-EAD status and wait till my spouse file for his H1-B in April 2015 and then file for my H1? What are the pros and cons of these options?


Appreciate all the information and responses this forum has provided.



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