Successful stamping in Jamaica on 31st july


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HI All,

Here is my visa experience..Seems so strange but these were the questions asked to me.


VO:Have you ever been arrested in USA?

VO:Have u ever committed any crime in any of the country in Past?

VO:Is this the same employer from the start?( mine was a extension)

VO:Does your employer have many Clients?

VO:Who is your end client?


Come and collect your passport on tuesday.(since friday was a holiday here in jamaica)


Here are the questions that were asked for my frnd who had an interview two days earlier than me.


What is your designation(job description)

what does your client do?

is your employer same from the strt?(extension)

Do you have client letter?



All the best to you all for your Interview.I guess you can expect some security questions too apart from regular questions.



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I have my I-797 approval, till July 2017 and my wife's COS is pending. Can my h1b extension and the my wife's H4 COS be done at Jamica. Any issues, as we will be traveling with an infant and a toddler.

Obviously we don't have a visa, is that ok to travel to Jamica?

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Thanks All for the wishes.. I am staying here at a private accommodation with another person and it is 70$ per night and they have there own cab service. The total for a week would be based upon how much you travel and rome around. If it is just for stay and visa office visit and pickup and drop here is the rate

pickup dropoff grom airport: 50(25 one way)

consulate dropoff/pickup:10(5 one way)

room rent: 70 per day

all the other expenses would be based upon ur travel and visiting. I would say it wuld be on an avg of 800-1000$ per person without tickets if you are not sharing with anyone.


I don't know the updates about visa issueing delays but i guess its fixed now and most of the  ppl are receiving the passports as expected.One of my roomies had interview last monday and got his passport on Thursday.


@Aleti: You can get stamping done in jamaica and i do not see any issue with it. I have seen few couples traveling with months old kids and they were all doing ok. I have seen spl treatment with ppl having kids. Just my observation though.

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