(Very Very Urgent) H1B to L2B visa conversion


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I am on L2B and this OCT 2014 my H1B period kicks in ( processed through desi consultant this year h1b 2014 lottery). L2B valid is until 2016.


But due to family conditions, I would like to stick with L2B post OCT 2014 onwards.


a. Could you please let me know the what are options available to continue with L2B after Oct 2014.


b. Will I be able to contact directly with USCIS by sending corresponding COS documents from H1B to L2B( supported with L1B documents) (or) should we approach parent L1B my dependent company for the conversion->


What does USCIS expects here - as talking again with dependent L1B employer can led to different discussion with my dependent as they had initially processed L2B for me.


c. Is there a grace or risk period , if dont work or with out pay stubs with H1b after OCT 2014 onwards. Since this is a desi consultant, not sure what would be the situation here  as is there is a legal problems as I only signed offer letter document ?


d. I heard that L2B guy can exit before OCT 2014 starts and entering back to US post OCT 2014 would automatically convert to L2B with a  valid visa.


e.But  the real concern is, since my H1B petition is already approved and say if I leave SEP 25 2014 to India and coming back to US around OCT 25th - does port of entry expect me to have H1B visa stamped as my H1b period already started from OCT 2014 ( Meaning my L2B visa is voided already from OCT 2014 onwards).


I know the H1b is only petition period start but not relevant to Visa.


Kindly provide the answers as early as possible as time is really running out for me to take a proper decision.

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