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I came to the US on a F1 in 2006 and after graduating worked for company A on opt and H1B( opt was 6 months) for 3 years then shifted to company B and got a three year H1B.


I am going for H1B visa stamping for the FIRST TIME at Chennai in two weeks and I have a question 


1) One of the question is have you been issued a visa before?  I have a H1B petition approved with company A but I do not see any  visa number on it. So I am confused and would appreciate if someone could tell me whether I would need to put my F1 visa number or ?????



the space provided accepts 8 digit visa number or 12 digit I94 number

My I94 has 11 digits ( there is a gap in between) issued in 2007

OPT card does not have any visa number.


Thanks in advance.

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