passport pickup for interviewed in Ottawa


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I had interview on August 6th.


ME: Good Morning

VO: Hi

VO: Why you want to go to US?

ME: I work there for XXX Company

VO: What do you do ?

Me: I work as XXX


then VO continued to press enter key, which I dont know what was it for.


VO: Do you have your CV

ME: Yes

VO: Your Visa is approved but we need little admin info. So when are you planning to go

ME: Next Friday

VO: You will be good,

VO: Can i keep your passport or do you need it?

ME: No you can keep it


Then he handed over me the 221G paper.


When I see online it says AP, I am not sure if I will be able to get my passport before friday. No status update on VISA Status still AP.

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I appeared for the visa interview on 8/6/2014, visa officer asked me a few questions and said your visa is approved.

He gave me a paper to check the status on website, and said that it should be issue in 24-48 hours.

I see someone else appearing on the 8/6 and already has an email for his passport. when I login to view status, it doesn't show anything. No airway bill number etc.


Any one else going through the same, is it normal ?


Thank you,


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Usually around 3 and 5 pm, the status gets updated. I think the problem of printing visa is solved, but it is slowly picking up.

I attended interview on 28 July and got my pp on 08 Aug.

I met one person whose interview was on 4 or 5 Aug and he collected PP on 08 Aug.

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