passport pickup for interviewed in Ottawa


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Hi, Could you please let us know if you picked up your Visa?


In the  Consular Affairs gov website they mentioned this - "Visa applicants are advised they might still experience delays of up to one week in addition to normal processing times." 


I have appointment on August 11th. Kindly help 



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My interview was in Ottawa at 815 am on 28th July.. VO asked about my job description and nodded his head and gave me the instructions to collect my passport. He mentioned the systems were slow that morning and it could take a day to update and that I could expect pick up my passport in a week.

Of course, I'm still waiting for my passport .. still shows AP ..

28July - case creation

30 July - Case updated - AP



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Praveen, I attended interview today at 10 AM, it went smooth, asked only sime questions like who is employer, what do you do, how long with that company? then vo took our passports said we have some system issues hope everything solve and gave me one sheet to check the passport status. I am not sure when should I expect the pp to collect.



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The Visa Officer said, there is no issues in approving your visa and I can expect my passport in 3 to 4 Business days. He also gave a print out on how to check the status of the passport.


Now when I checked on the website, it says "Administration Processing". Is this the message that the website provides even though the Visa is approved.


SgrSgr - Could you please let me know the message that you were getting before it says the passport was issued. Thanks in Advance.


Reddy - My id is *************dot er at gmail

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Hi SgrSgr,


Were you able to pickup your passport?


I checked my case in the website they have provided and it mention as "Administrative Processing". with the below information.


"Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks, or longer. As explained on the day of your interview, if further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved when administrative processing is finished, you will receive notification to collect the passport with the visa from the Loomis branch you selected when you booked your appointment."


Is the information, you were getting even though the VO said your Visa is approved. I am concerned, Please let me know your thoughts.



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