Urgent help needed on H1 transfer


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I have valid H1B visa stamped till Aug 2016 with employer A . I have traveled to the US using this and worked for 5 months and came back to India as there is no project with employer A. Now I am in India. Another employer B willing to transfer my H1B from India. Could you please help me to clarify for the below questions?


1. Do I need to go for visa stamping again once petition is approved with employer B?

2. H4 is stamped on my dependents passport and valid till Aug 2016. But last time, I traveled alone and Do they need to get new H4 visa stamp once petition with employer B is approved?

3. Is there any issue at the port of entry if I travel with employer A visa along with petition approval from employer B? because in the visa, employer A name is printed.



Please advise.

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Thank you very much for your replies. Could you please help me to clarify one more query? 


I am planning to resign employer A, after employer B's petition is approved. So if I resign, employer A will withdraw my H1 petition with USCIS immediately. Once employer A's petition is revoked, is it still legal to travel to the US using employer A's visa ? as my H1 will be transferred while I am in India.


Appreciate your valuable response.


Thank you.

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