H1B Transfer after I140 revoked


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1. I have an approved I140 with employer A & Oct 2011 as Priority date in Eb3.


I am planning to switch employer B now. 


If my current employer (A) revoke my I140, will i still hold my PD?


2. If i get a 3 yr extn using i140 from employer A when i switch to employer B and my i140 with employer A is revoked.


After an year of employment with employer B, if i decide to quit and join employer C, can i get a transfer for remaining 2 yrs or

can i get additional H extension too (assuming I140 is revoked and no new perm filed by employer B).


3. What if i have to go back to India after my 3 year with employer B (no perm filed and I140 revoked by employer A). 


Can i still retain my PD when i am out of country and come back to the US with fresh H1 after an year?


Thank you


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