F1 visa stamp in canada


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One of my friend got COS approved from h4 to f1 recently.
Now he is planning to go to f1 visa stamping in Calgary Canada. 

Question: since no dates availability in this month ending if he checks as non-imm staying In US. When he checks as resident in Canada he can see the dates so can he book?

Recently my friends also did the same for h1b visa stamping booked as residents in Canada and got stamped. 

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We are also looking for the dates but when ever i login it says no dates available at this moment. its been more than 2 weeks now but result is same.


Any body is getting dates ? any prefer or lucky time to login and see the dates ?  Please advise what to do.


We check dates on : https://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/login


I hope thats the right place.





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