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Hi all,


I got an RFE for an H1B extension..I have submitted client letter,vendor letter and my three month paystubs ,but it still says RFE..has anyone come across this kind of situation.If so,what kind of documents are asked by the USCIs.this is at California center..This is so damn scary.:(

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The RFE itself should have the list of documents asked by USCIS, your employer should be able to give you this information. It could be anything that they must have seen as inconsistent:

  -maybe the client and vendor letters did not match up with respect to job title or duties performed or

  -some unclear wordings in the letter that proves the relationship in EVC model or

  -you may need to send them a copy of SOW proving the project you are on and its duration or

  -anything related to your past stay in the US and the dates when you were in status / out of country etc.. 

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