2nd h1b n stamping....seniors pls suggest...


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Hi frnds,

Suggestions or help needed frnds...

My case: opt-h1b, total exp 2+yrs! don't have any negative record from university or from company.

First stamping:

I appeared on may 6th at chennai, submitted all docs, got 221g but after 2months got refusal saying insufficient documents for verification .

I guess denial is bcoz of client letter as my client doesn't give client letter to contractors but I submitted the email printout of same from my manager saying that they won't issue client letters for contractors.

Second h1b:

I got an opportunity from another company X, I was interviewed n then given offer. Their business is both product development and staffing. I'm told that my h1b is for the product they are developing. I made some back ground verification n I heard everything positive in-terms of company, h1b n stamping.

So here r some of queries r tensions as I want to check from my side too:

1. What's the probably of h1b stamping at chennai for second h1b(1st one is also at chennai).

2. Pls let me know frnds if u know any story same as of my kind.

3. Does I need to take care of any other things...

Thanks in adv frnds...

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