Recapture and extension beyond 6 years ***Urgent Please***


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My current H1 expires on Aug 7th 2014 and PERM is pending approval (PD Aug 20 2013). I have 16 days to recapture which will make my H1 expiry as Aug 23 2014 and hence make my case eligible for 1 yr extension (coz more than 365 days pending PERM). 


Can my employer file the H1 extension in one step i.e. recapture the 16 days + 1 yr extension OR a 2 step process is needed i.e. 1st an extension to recapture 16 days then 2nd to file a 1 yr extension based on pending PERM?


I was wanting to do a one step process so I can do PP and get it all done, but in a two step process I'll have to do a PP twice, but not sure which is the right approach.


If anybody has gone through this process and can share their experiences that will be really helpful


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pontevecchio, is there any special step to do in one step vs two steps?  also you are saying this based on someone's experience or its just the right approach?   Because per my employer's attorney it has to be a two step process else they are saying its a risk that the case can be denied.

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