H1 stamping in Kingston Jamaica Sep21- Sep25


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I am looking for a visa interview in Jamaica. My planned date of travel is Between Aug15 2014 to Sept 2 2014. 

How is this place ? Is this safe for ladies to go alone there ? 

Where can we find informations regarding the accommodation ? 

How about the travel from Airport to the Embassy ? Is it safe in cab ? 

Any body planning for a visa stamping during this period ? Please send me a mail ou rcockt ails @ gmAIL . COM 

Some body went there please share your experience 


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I am planning to travel Jamaica for H1B stamping from Sept 21st to Sept 25th. If anyone is interested in sharing a room with me or has vacancy in their room, please reply  or email me at.




I have scheduled the visa interview on sep 23rd., and i have booked the accomdation from sep/21 to sep/27 in Kozy cornor studio apartment



please find my email in the profile and let me know if you are interested,

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HI gcbirthcert

talk to reid - *************** for staying arrangement, lot of h1 candidates travel these days, you can post here and find out the group who is travelling on the same time range. Also distance is reasonale like 15 -20 km, but you can confirm on google map. Couple of my friends travelled, i am planning in 3 weeks. Also you may have to plan before 45 days for desired visa dates if you are lucky you may get it little early. good luck !

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Hey buddy, this seems little weared. but mine interview is next week than yours. But I need one day stay on 23rd night, if you ok let and possible then please let me know if I can join. Its saturday. 

Thank you ! - **************@yahoo.com or (***)********

Hi Viren,


When is your interview? Mine is on Sept 29

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