Need information on H1B petition transfer


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Dear All,



I have a doubt regarding H1B petition transfer. My first employer (Employer A) processed my visa initially and I came to US thru him. Recently I moved from Employer A to Employer B and the Employer B has initiated my H1B transfer. I have received the receipt but the petition is still in Initial review.


Since I have the receipt number, I have started working for employer B.

Now I got another opportunity from Employer C, who wants to start the Visa transfer process.


My doubts are


1. Can Employer C start the Visa transfer process?

2. Will this new visa transfer process need the documents used by Employer B?

3. If employer C starts the visa transfer processing, then what happens to the one started by Employer B?

4. Can their be two applications at the same time?


Please let me know your thoughts on this.


Thank you so much for your support.

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