F1 -> H1b -> I140 approved -> outside US 1+ yr -> F1 - am I cap exempt for H1b?


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F1 visa from 2006 to 2008.


H1b was applied in April 14th 2009.

I have I-797C Notice of Action and case type: I-129.

On this sheet of paper I'm unable to identify whether my application was applied under Master's quota cap exempt or not.

How do I find that out?


Both my wife and my Green Card sponsorship process had started with my previous company and our priority date is Jan 2011.


I lost my job and we left to India and stayed there for more than 18 months


Applied to Universities and we came to US on F1 & F2 for Fall 2013.


Now, can an employer apply for my H1b?


Can I start working immediately?


Should I enroll in the upcoming semester for classes?

Office of International education says that my SEVIS will be active till September 8th which is the census date in our school.


I have changed my field of study to IT from Mechanical.

Can I re-capture my remainder of H1b to work in a different field?


Lastly, if an employer is willing to sponsor, what would be the timeframe before which I can start working?


Can the employer also take over our Green Card processing from where it had left off?

I140 Labor Certification process had completed back then.

By the way, our priority date is Jan 2011.


I do not want to leave any stone unturned in my effort.

So I'd honestly appreciate your advices and responses.


Thank you in advance.


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