L1 to H1 Approved and Stamping


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Hello All,


I am with employer A with L1B visa extension(I94 expierd and applied for extension on May 23 2014) and got RFE today. I am working on Project1


I have got my H1 approved from employer B in Feb 2014. Would like to change to H1 with employer B. I know it is not possible to  apply for ammendment since my L1 visa is not active. 


At any cost I need to go for stamping outside country.  My question is.


Can I work for employer B and client as employer A? My project requiers my presencea nd employer A agreed for this if Leagal status is fine.


I am planning to visit India to get my H1 stamped and come abck on H1.


Please suggest.

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