Newly married and filing I-485


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My wife and I both live in the US on our own H1Bs. We got married recently, a month back, and she works in a different state than I. We have two homes and we travel.


My PD has become current and I'm planning to apply I-485 both for my wife and I.


Is it a problem if we live in different states. What address should I use in her petition. Has anyone faced a similar situation and what was your solution?


Thanks for your help,



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Just use the correct addresses, and make sure the G-325As are correct as far as address goes. If needed, it is not hard to explain that, because of the H1B status, you each live in different places, near your jobs. Since filing the I-485 requires being in status, it would be far more problematic to show an address in X location while holding an H1B for employment in (far away) Y location.


Presumably, once the I-485s are filed and EADs issued, there may be more options open for living together.

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