H1B transfer in the beginning of 6th year, I140 approved

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My H1B will reach 6 year in July 2015. I just got my I140 approved (July 29, 2014) with my current employer A. I found another employer B who is willing to transfer my H1B.


Employer A will withdraw the I-140,if I resign them. So while i do H1B transfer to employer B, if they provide only 1 year of H1B in the transfer (July 2014), then i could not extend my H1B for 7th year. Because i will not have I140.


How shall i transfer my H1B to new employer B and get 7th year extension in this situation?

Please help.

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Hi .. Can someone answer this post.. I am in the very similar situation as strickt123..


I am in my 8th yr h1b and planning to transfer to new employer and my current H1B is valid till Dec-2015, so my questions are:

1. when transfering to my H1B to new employer (big company with Full time position), Can I get 3 yr H1B extension or I can get only till Dec-2015, as my H1B is not expiring for another 16 months?


2. If I join my New employer and I got my H1B extension only till Dec 2015, then what are my options? If I file the PERM before Dec-2015, can I extend my H1B based on the PERM?


Any help is much appreciated..

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