Scheduling Visa Interview - Can information be changed later?


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Hi folks,


I am planning to go to Canada sometime in October for my visa interview. This is my first extension and my previous H1B was also stamped in Canada. The previous stamp is set to expire on 30th Sep and I am still waiting on the approval for extension. Since the slots are filling up real fast, I want to schedule an appointment ASAP.


My passport is set to expire in Jan 2015. I am also working on getting my passport renewed simultaneously. As scheduling an appointment requires Passport number, DS-160 number, I-797 approval notice number and validity period, and fee payment, can I schedule an interview with the existing details and replace them with the new details as and when I get them? 


Passport number

DS-160 number

I-797 Approval notice number and validity period


Thanks in advance for you reply. Appreciate your help.


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