PERM-filed in Sixth Year and approved after H1 expiry---Options for H1 and I 140?

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I was with company A and moved to company B (company B separated from company A)

Company A and B are in good terms on immigration related activities.


I started working for company A in 2011, they applied for my PERM in Sept 2013 as my H1 was expiring (completing 6 years) on FEB 20 2014.

 In October 2013, my H1 was transferred to company B and got approval in October 2013.

After I got the I-797 approval for company B, company A cancelled my H1.


I did not get my PERM approval before FEB 20 2014, so I applied for COS to H4 and was on H4 since then.

Got my PERM approval in APRIL 2014 and waiting to file my I-140 by company A.


I had couple of questions before my I-140 was filed:

- After I -140 is filed and approved. Can Company A file H1 based on that I-140 approval?


Once H1 approval comes through for Company A, Can Company B use that H1approval to file for H1 transfer?



- After I -140 is filed and approved for Company A, Can Company B apply for H1 extension based on that I-140 directly?


Eventually wanted to work for Company B, could you please suggest what are the best options?




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