L1b Stamping in Calgary Canada - Sharing My Experiance


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Thanks to this forum for all the details, which helped me a lot before and after my L1b stamping in canada.  I though i will share my experiance, which might help someone else later :)


I was in Us with L1b status, due to my i94 expiry i need to go for new L1b stamping in canada.  The process is as


1. Get you visitor/temporary visa to canada in atlease 2 to 3 months advance. It takes about a month and a half to get the visitor visa.


In my case, i started L1b and canada visitor visa process in parallel.  I messed up sending the passport to canadian embassy instead of VAC, all delayed and i had to cancel my L1b stamping appt. in ottawa and re-schedule it to Calgary canada.


2.Once you are ready with canada visa and scheduled the L1b stamping appt.  Block air tickets/hotel etc well in advance which will save you quite some money.


3. I read forms and review booked Holiday Inn express in downtown calgary, which is in downtown and 10 mins from us consulate.  You might find a better place for less money.  But make sure your commute to the consulate is within 10 mins.


4. With calgary downtown light rails/c-trains run every 5 mins peak hours and half-hour off peak hours.  These are free within downtown limit.


5.  My son(4 yrs) and I reached a day before and made ourself comfortable with the new city.


6. Utilized the time to chk the document list, made to trip embasssy the day before and could find a gentleman coming out after his interview process and enquired a little bit about his day.


7.  Make sure you take DS-160 print from the pdf and not the screen shot.

8.  Arrange all documents in order, it will help you to pick right one when asked.



On the interview day:


My son and I reached well ahead of time.  Also made sure he had his breakfast and not cranky.  


As per instructions in visa appt confirmation letter, i did not carry any electronics, cell phones etc, no powder, make up.  Just the documents, passport and money in-case of need.


There were ppl on the queue, who had cell phone and other non allowable articles.  The security personal asked them to go back put it some where and return.  These ppl were given additional two hours to fix this problem.  He also mentioned there lockers available two blocks away, but i am not sure about them.


Waiting in the queue, our's was 8:00 clock one.  No much rush, after half-hour we have been called to go through security checks.  In meantime my little one started asking me when can we go home :(


1. Documents verification and token no given.


2. finger prints done.


3. waiting for my turn.... there it is


Vo: Good morning

me : Goodmorning, how are you.....


VO:  How is he related to you.

me: My son.


VO:How many of them are travelling with you on L1



VO: Have you been in US before:

Me ......


VO: What is your specialization:

Me ......


VO:How are you specialized among others

Me justified.


VO: I dont see anything special about this...

Me .. tried to justified little more


VO: Ok i got.

VO: What is your highest level of education:



VO: What is your project/research in your highest level of education.(he wanted to explain little more about it.)




Verified few things and there... approved.  Hurray....


Got the print out to check passport retrival.  Please chk in DS-160 site with your ds-160 confirmation no.  this will tell you the status of your passport.


It takes about $45 to and fro the loomis branch to get the passport.

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