I-140 in Initial Review and H1B transfer


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Currently my employer (A) has filed my I-140 on June 6,2014 and it is in Initial Review status.


My current H1B is valid tills Jan 2016 and My 6 year max out date is also Jan 2016.


I got an offer from employer (B) and they are ready to transfer my H1B and hire me.


Later they are planning to file my GC. 





What happens to my I-140 filed by employer A if I join employer B ?


Can my employer A cancel my I-140 processing once I join employer B?


if suppose I join employer B and my current employer A did not cancel my I-140 processing.

and after sometime i-140 gets approved.


is this valid scenario ?


If I-140 gets approved, can I use it to transfer my priority date with employer B.


Thanks in advance.








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