Employer change after GC approved - my case

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Here is my question regarding job change after getting GC.

I have worked for my employer since 2003, and have applied for GC with them in 2007 (Let's say Company A). In 2010 I have relocated back to India, and changed my processing to 'Consular Processing'. I have my GC approved in November 2012 thru Consular Processing.

In India, I have been working for the Indian arm of the same Company. I have moved back to US in March 2013, and immediately started my own company and started working for my own company since then.

As I understand, during the citizenship interview, USCIS might say that I have not worked for my employer long enough after getting my GC and reject my petition. I would like to understand what is agreeable from USCIS perspective? I heard six months since the time of 485 application date. But in my case, we never applied for 485. It was conuular processing all along.


Here is the timeline:

Started Employment with Company A - 2003

Spplied for GC with Company A - 2007

I-140 approved with Company A - 2009

Changed to Consular Processing in 2010 and worked with Company A in US until 2010 March.

Moved to India - April 2010

Worked for 'Company A - Indian arm' since 2010 April to March 2013.

GC Approved thru Consuar processing Nov 2012.

Entered US in November 2012 for a week and reveived actual GC Card.

Moved to US in March 2013 - started my own company and started working for it.

* Never reveived a paycheck from Company A in US after GC.

How does the USCIS determine how long I have worked for the Company after getting my GC?


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