L1 status with H1 from new company


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Dear Sir,


I am with L1A from onecompany in India. Currently I am working in US for short term assignment. One company is ready to process my H1.

My question is as follows,

1. At what point I should take emplyment from new company.

2. Can I continue to work in my previous employment using L1 after I receive H1

3. What is cost of getting H1?

4. Can I continue to hold H1 & L1 in previous company ?

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1. New company has to file a cap subject H1B petition by April and on approval you can start working for them from 1st Oct.

2. Yes, provided it is not approved as change of status from L1A to H1B.

3. That is not of your concern as employer pays all those fee.

4. What do you mean by this question?

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