Travel Back from India with 10 days of H1-B Visa left


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I am in a unique situation.My H1-B is expiring on 30th Sepetember and I need to travel to India on August 30 and will be back on 21st Sepetember due to a family emergency. My employer has already applied for extension but not sure if I will have the approval notice and appointment confirmation(For Visa Stamping) ready before 16th Septemeber. So is it possible to Travel back on 21st September, Provided my extension is still under processing or RFE?

I have applied for premium processing for extension , is the Premium processing results into faster Result even after one gets RFE. I am sking this question as most of our colleagues have recieved RFE and I want to know how many maximum days is taken under premium processing to reject/approve a H1-B extension ?


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