What can I do? How do I come out of this ? Please help!!


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I'm here in US for last 13 years, initially on F1 and then OPT and now H1-B. I started my GC process in 2009 with PD being in 2010 . I'm currently waiting for the PD to be current so I can file I-485 . I am already in the 9th year of H1-B and recently applied  for H1-B extension.


My company (who recently filed for my H1-B petition) is on the verge of closing for some unknown reasons not clear to me and not even told to me. I'm only told that the company is closing today .I'm also told that I cannot change my employer being on 9th year of H1-B . With the company closing , what options do I have to remain in a legal status and also what do I do with my green card processing now. What steps do I need to take ? Is there a law that supports someone in my situation ?


Please advise, I would really appreciate your help . Thank you!!


Note - I've always been on a legal status here so , I am totally lost as to what needs to be done now.




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