Port of Entry - H1-B stamping validity 10 days.


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Here is my situation:
I have valid H1-B visa stamping till 09/10/2014. I received a I-797A Notice of Action with validity from 09/11/2014 till 03/15/2015. I am going to India next week to get married and will be returning on 08/31/2014. As of now, I don't have any plans to go for Visa renewal stamping with the new extension because I am currently working on Internal product development projects and suspect the Visa officer might have issues issuing me a renewal.


My Question:


On my return to US at the Port of Entry ( to be specific - Chicago) on 8/31, will the CBP office allow me back in as I will only have 10 days of Valid Visa stamping? I will carry my I-797 extension that will be valid from 9/11/2014 till 3/15/2015 though. 

I'd appreciate if someone provide inputs to my questions. 


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