Moving from full time to contract on H1B


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Hi All ,


I have been working as a full time employee for my present company on H1B for past 10 months. .I have an offer from company “Y” which is a 2 year contract position and there are potential chances for full time conversion. Basically , I am moving from full time to contract position on H1B. Is it advisable to do??


I have not yet got my visa stamped in my home country. Does it affect my travel to home country for stamping my H1B visa ?


Should I consider anything while accepting offer from "Y".



Any response would be appreciated.



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In order for you to work as a contractor for company 'Y' you need to have an employer(Z) which makes you a full time employee for that company. All you need to do is make a H1b transfer from company A to Z and work as contractor for company Y. 

At this point company Z would be your company which is responsible for your H1b and pays. You would be a contractor for company 'Y' till they make an offer for you and they make the H1b transfer once they want you as your employee.

As a contract employee you would be providing your services for company Y on behalf of company Z so you may not get any benefits from Company Y until they transfer your H1b.

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Thanks for the response.

I was on OPT and my H1B  started from Oct-2013 . I am planning to go for India in Dec-2014 for H1B stamping. Would taking up a contract job affect my stamping process??. I am little scared about this. Please provide your thoughts on this 

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