Canada H4 to F1 experience


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I finished one year on H4 visa. I wanted to do my next year on F1 visa to be eligible for OPT. So, I went for F1 visa stamping.


I had my appointment on Friday (July 18th) of this month in the morning. I was there at Consulate officer 30 mins before my appointment. The whole process was over in 1.5 hrs. Most of the applicants seemed like Canadian residents who wanted to visit USA. There were few TCNs.


About my interview:


The consular officer asked me very few questions.  These were some of them,



Which school?


Where do you live?


Who is sponsoring you?


Were you working for <Indian Company> earlier?




Finally, took my passport, I-20 and told my visa is approved. I was also told that I would receive my passport within 3 business days.


I then came back home and checked my passport tracking status every 15 mins until Tuesday night (July 22nd) . On Wednesday early morning, I got an email that my passport is ready for pickup. I booked m flight and packed my bags. Took train to loomis centre and got my passport, I-20. I then walked to airport from there. I was not asked many questions at immigration check (happens in Vancouver itself). 


Let me know if you all have any questions. I can also give more details on how to get to loomis centre (Richmond) from Vancouver.


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Congratulations and Great ... 


Well i am trying to book appointment at Vancouver but not getting any. She is also from H4 to F1. 


What i did is, 


Completed DS 160,  Created account on CSC Website; but it didnt asked me to pay fees, it was guiding me directly to schedule appointment and then message No appointment this time. 

So when should i pay fees, if it will say appointment is after **** Days. ? 


Am i doing something wrong here ?


Please advise. 




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You should be on "Application and Family Summary" page to see if there are any available appointments,


If no appointment available it would say - "There are no available appointments at this time."


Otherwise it would say something like - "appointment available in next 'x' days"


I kept checking this page frequently everyday. Once I noticed that appointments used to open although sporadically, I went ahead and paid. Because, only after you pay you can confirm your appointment.  Had I not got an appointment after having paid, I would have probably lost the MRV fee (as its valid only where you pay) and gone to India for stamping. 


Good luck with appointment hunting!


This FAQ page is helpful as well -

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Thanks for sharing your experience. . Very helpful.

I'm planning my trip too and I'm on training now - OPT. I understand that I would need EAD cards and some employment verification in addition to your regular F1 docs.

Can I ask how you planned the hotel and flight since it it somewhat dependent on when we get the passport. I'm planning to arrive there on Friday or Monday and little confused on how to book my return flight and hotel check out date. Any recommendations?

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@omshiv - sure, but Canadian citizens will need visa to work, canadian permanent residents will also probably need visas to visit. 


@F1Struggle - 

hotel - stayed at friend's place in downtown. I cannot offer much help here. But, you could always book your hotel until your visa appointment day. And, then later extend your stay depending on how many days it would take to get your passport back, In my case, the consular officer told me it would take 3 business days. And he was right.

flight - i booked return flight on the day i got my passport pickup confirmation.

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Hi Team, 

Thank you very much for your inputs. 


Well, i seen the message with available appointments and went ahead and paid fees and by the time i reach to see the dates its says no page displayed. 


I logged in back to website and it says no appointments back but now my payment is done so it says MVP Fee receipt number as well.


Not sure when will i get the dates.  How long the DS160 will be valid to get the dates.





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