H4 to F1 conversion questions


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My wife is currently on H4 visa and planning on to apply for F1 visa in India the next month.


1. As per US Visa laws, what will be a better course of action. Starting studies on H4, do COS to F1 and get the F1 visa stamped in future OR reentering the US with stamped F1 visa from India? 


2. I will be financially supporting her for college tuition. Will this fact support her F1 visa stamping application OR will it be better to show the proof of funding from India or either is fine? 


3. In this case, would it be better for my wife to arrange a proof of address or correspondence in India before applying for F1 visa?


4. How long usually it takes for F1 visa stamping at the consulate? 


Any other comments or advice is appreciated.



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