Do i have any problems in getting OPT and H1 ? (Problem with SEVIS Record)


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I am a Graduate student pursuing Master's in CS. I got visa on a University X and i have transfered to Univ Y without studying atleast 1 semester at Univ X. Univ X has transferred my Correct SEVI'S Record to Univ Y. As soon as i got transferred i came to know that i got a full funding assistantship in my desired Univ Z. I have transferred to University Z from Y without studying a single semester in that university. The univ Y had transferred a wrong SEVIS record of mine to University Z. I approached University Z officials to fix this issue. They provided me new i20 with correct record. It states that I have joined 1 month late in their univ. Will this be a problem in future in getting OPT and H1. I was not in correct record for 1 month.

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