Successfully completed visa stamping in Kingston(07-22)


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Visa interview successfully done in Jamaica.



Who is your employer and client?

How long you are working for employer?

Asked w2, client letter and pay stubs.


Try to be at the consulate at scheduled time. Dont come too early, otherwise you will be asked to wait until scheduled interview time(it is really hot outside). 


Wish you all good luck.




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Did you get your passport with approved Visa?


I am at Matamoros, Mexico. 


Here, few friends who got Visa Approved, they didn't get Passports back with Visa from last two days. The consulate officers are saying that they are having some technical issues due to that they are not able to print Visa on the candidate's passports. People who got Visas at Matamoros in this complete week are waiting to get their passports back.


Consulate is mentioning that the issue is same for all the US consulates in the world.


Do you see any issue in Kingstown?

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