Can a kid 6 years old travel alone on H4 visa India to USA


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My daughter of 6 years old has been issued a H4 visa.


Can she travel from India to US alone with one of my friends family, if i provide all the needed documentation to my friends family.


Thank You.

I believe yes. You and your spouse need to provide authorization for the accompanying friend's family. Most important you have to contact the concerned airline.

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Hi Everyone,


I am in the same situation, my daughter was in states on H4 and she has gone to India on vacation. She will returning back to US with my friends family. I know we ( my wife and I) have to provide a notarized authorization letter to allow her to travel with them and as well as speak to airline to get name of person that updated in her ticket (Name of person she will be travelling with ).

My question is:


At port of entry what all document my daughter and accompanying family should carry so that everything goes smooth.


Any help/thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.


Document my Daughter should have:

1.  Passport with Valid H4

2. Latest I-797

3. Copy of my and Wife's passport

4. Daughter birth certificate

5. My latest three pay stubs

6. Authorization letter

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