H1B application Denied. Applying Again with other Employer


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I have 12 Years of Experience in IT field. 


I was in US between june 2008 to NOv 2009 for 18 Months. I  came back to india in NOv 2009. it seems that if i dont fully use my H1-B for 6 years i have chance(not me infact) to file H1B without any CAP.


Company A Filed H1B which got denied recently. Now Company B is ready to file my H1B. Company B is having 60 Employees. 


Previous Denial Reason is as follows:

The reason for the denial of my H1 with company A is like I am over experienced and USICS said that they dont need a person from outside the country to work for this position. They can recruit or fill that position from US itself.


What is the impact of denial on my new H1B Application with Company B. I spoke to company A they say that there wont be any issues as everything is genuine in my case. 


I asked Company A to withdraw my H1-B Application as it got denied. They say that it is not required. What will be impact of this on my new H1B. Which is going to get filed very soon.



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